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Use this code for College Admissions and for ACT, SAT: 054-181

New Student Enrollment

Enrollment Guidelines



Please contact the Registrar, Mrs. Brown in the Guidance Office to confirm your neighborhood school or click on the link below to be connected to the Capistrano Unified School District Website.  This link provides an opportunity to verify your neighborhood home school by typing in your street address. 


Visit the Guidance office to pick up and complete an enrollment packet or review the new online CUSD enrollment option if your child is brand new to CUSD and has never been enrolled in CUSD.  Online enrollment is not available for returning students to CUSD.

Review the additional enrollment documentation required and place it in the enrollment packet and/or attach with your online verification:

New Option for Parents: On-line Student Enrollment - your child is brand new to CUSD. Please use the following website at: 

Please Note – Enrollment is different than the Registration Packet.


Schedule an enrollment appointment with the Registrar and Academic Advisor by calling or emailing the Registrar.

IF you completed the online enrollment method, please note that enrollment is not complete until the online enrollment information has been reviewed by the school.  Additional school forms may need to be completed and the proof of residency must be verified.  The school site will deem the entire enrollment process to be complete and acceptable after you meet in person with the Registrar.

Scheduled appointments take approximately 15 minutes for enrollment and 15 minutes with the Academic Advisor. Walk-ins are welcomed, however may need to make additional arrangements to meet with an Academic Advisor if the Advisor is not available at the time of walk-in. Walk-in’s must have all necessary documents and be prepared to wait if necessary.  Students who currently have an individualized educational plan will need to anticipate additional steps to enroll.

4. The academic advisor will discuss classes and any other requirements with the student for class placement.

Enrollment Documents



 Verification of Identity of parent, caregiver, licensed foster agency or group home representative, or California Superior Court-appointed legal guardian

  • A Driver’s License (any photo driver’s license  or CA ID Card is permitted) or,
  • A passport with photo ID
  • If an agent or representative of social services or foster care agency, appropriate agency identification

Proof of Residence in compliance with the CUSD board policies.

Residency of a student shall be verified through two different documents:

  • The first document must be a current rental/mortgage/property statement.
  • The second document must be a current gas, water or electric bill. All other documents will not be accepted, no exceptions. If the utility document is not in the parent's/guardian's name, an additional form, "Proof of Residence" must be signed before enrollment can be completed. This form may be picked up from the Registrar

Immunization record.

Students must meet all immunization requirements to be enrolled and attend classes. New students may be able to contact the prior school of attendance to obtain these records. Current CUSD students may request these records by clicking on the link to request the immunization record.

To find out more about CUSD immunization requirements:

Immunization Requirements

To request an immunization record: 

Immunization Record

In addition, CUSD requires tuberculosis screening for entry into preschool or before the first school entry. Therefore, if the student is enrolling from OUTSIDE the U.S.A. for the first time, a TB skin test will be required. Proof of written evidences must be provided with a Mantoux (PPD) Skin Test .  This test must be completed within the past eighteen months including results records in millimeters. If skin test results are positive, a x-ray date and statement that the child is free of communicable TB is required.


Birth Certificate/Age of Admission.

Students enrolling for the first time in a CUSD school must provide proof of age with a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport or immigration certificate.


Clearance/Withdrawal form.

Students entering after the start of the school year will need to provide a withdrawal form from the prior school. This form should have the student's prior class schedule and must have a copy of any withdrawal grades if applicable.



An official transcript is preferred at the time of enrollment; however unofficial transcripts will be accepted. Please contact the student’s last school of attendance for this document.

Additional Documents

  • A notarized signed Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit if another adult is assuming responsibility for the student with the permission of the child’s parents.
  • A copy of the California High School Exit Exam Student Parent Report if the student has already passed the California High School Exit Exam.
  • A copy of the students Individualized Educational Plan if the student has special services.  This copy must be obtained prior to enrollment.  Enrollments are by appointment only due to additional regulations. 
    • Provide a copy of the IEP to SJHHS.
    • Schedule an enrollment appointment with the Registrar.
    • Schedule a 2nd appointment for SE site services for an intake appointment.


Immediately after enrollment, a Registration Packet may be provided to the student.  All required registration forms must be completed and turned in on the first date of attendance. 

All students must complete the registration forms every year. This includes current CUSD students who are automatically enrolled from the prior middle schools and SJHHS students from the prior school year of attendance. These required forms includes the following:

  • Student Information Card/Emergency Card
  • Acknowledgement Card
  • Voluntary Drug Testing Program Form 
  • McKinney-Vento Assistance Act
  • Migrant Education Program (if applicable)

8th Graders

8th grade students who attend Ladera Ranch Middle School, Marco Forster Middle School, or Shorecliffs Middle School and are in the feeder pattern to attend SJHHS due to the attendance boundaries will NOT be required to enroll with the Registrar.  Records for these students will be automatically imported into the high school.  The SJHHS Academic Advisors will conduct the Spring course enrollment process in March to assist 8th grade students in selecting their classes for grade 9.  All students will be required to attend summer registration.

2015/2016 School of Choice (formerly Open Enrollment)

The CUSD School of Choice (formerly Open Enrollment) allows families the opportunity to apply to attend another CUSD school that is not considered the neighborhood school serving the attendance area.

Families should review the information provided on the district CUSD website.  Any student approved on school of choice must consider that transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  School of Choice is only available during specific dates.    For further details regarding this program please click on the following link: HERE  to review this information.

Parents/Guardians seeking placement for multiple children must submit a separate application for each child.  

H.S. transfers

Student transferring into CUSD must meet all transfer policies. 

Transfer credits are accepted from accredited institutions only. 

Courses from the transferring district which are designated as honors courses WILL NOT receive honors credit  IF there is not a corresponding CUSD course of the same title with the same description.

Student Record Fees

The guidance department will provide copies of student's records and schedules for a small reimbursement cost for the actual cost of duplicating records in compliance with the Education Code.


Please review the information located on the Grades/Transcript webpage  .