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AP Information

 NEW CHANGES FOR 2019/2020 

* Register for AP Exam August 20 - November 1 (EARLIER THAN BEFORE)

* Students will receive course resources from their AP teachers. 

* $40 cancellation fee (November 2-February 28)

* $40 late registration fee, per exam (November 2-February 25)

* Students will be required to register for exams through CollegeBoard. 

* Students will pay for exams through Total Registration.

* Click here for more information about these changes.

2020 AP exam schedule

Week 1


Check-In: 7:30 am


Check-In: 11:30 am

Monday, May 4



Tuesday, May 5

Calculus AB

Calculus BC


Wednesday, May 6

English Literature

European History

Physics 2

Thursday, May 7


Spanish Literature

Physics 1

Friday, May 8

United States History

Art History

Computer Science A

Week 2


Check-In: 7:30 am


Check-In:11:30 am

Monday, May 11


Environmental Science

Tuesday, May 12

Spanish Language


Wednesday, May 13

English Language

Music Theory

Thursday, May 14



Friday, May 15

French Language


AP Resources

CUSD has exciting news for students who have decided to challenge themselves by taking an Honors Level or Advanced Placement course. Summer assignments and assignments over Winter Break will no longer be required. However, we offer you several resources and ideas for optional reading. Below are some resources to assist you in selecting books.


The California Recommended Literature List is a searchable database of a collection of outstanding literature for children and adolescents in grades prekindergarten through grade twelve in all disciplines. Each book has a description called an "annotation" describing the book.


The Find a Book, California tool offers students over 160,000 books from which to choose. This book-search tool enables individuals to build custom reading lists based on Lexile range, grade level, and/or personal interests. The Find A Book program is a national, state-led summer reading initiative sponsored by the Council of Chief State Schools Officers.


Renaissance Learning is a company with an international presence whose “primary purpose is to accelerate learning for all children and adults of all ability levels and ethnic and social backgrounds, worldwide.” They provide a free, online tool to assist in finding the most appropriate and engaging books for students.

o   To get started, check out Renaissance Learning website above.  

o   AR BookFinder: AR BookFinder

o   AR BookFinder in Spanish:  AR BookFinder in Spanish


District Departments have also included a variety of resources parents and students can utilize that are content specific.  More recommendations available.



Key Dates to Remember

August 20

AP Exam Registration Opens

October 25

Final day to submit Fee Reduction Eligibility Form

Nov 1

Payment Window Closes - $100/per exam

(Total Registration)

Nov 1

Last Day to Request a Full Refund

Nov 2 - February 25

Late Registration w/ $40 fee

February 28

Last Day to Request Partial Refund

May 4 - May 8

1st  Week of AP Examinations 

May 11- May 15

2nd Week of AP Examinations

May 20 - May 22

Alternate/Late AP Examinations (pre-approval required)