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Alt + 160 = á     Alt + 163 = ú

Alt + 161 = í      Alt + 164 = ñ

Alt + 162 = ó     Alt + 130 = é

Alt + 173 = ¡      Alt + 168 + ¿

Spanish Student Tutors 2017-2018

Marlen Tong, M.

I have been with the Capistrano Unified School District for 20 years.  I started my career at Aliso Niguel and after five years transferred to Tesoro.  After being at Tesoro for four years I decided to join SJHHS as a member of the original planning committee.  I have taught Spanish I through Spanish IV AP.  This year I am teaching Two-way Immersion Spanish III, Spanish I and AP Spanish IV Language and Culture.  Please feel free to contact me at

What does it take to earn good grades?

Which student are you? Which student are you working to become?

Characteristics of an “A” Student

·      Consistently does more than what is required (practices language outside classroom frequently)

·         Always participates in class discussions (raises hand consistently/comes to class prepared)

·         Is enthusiastic and interested in the class and class materials

·         Work is neat, complete, and turned in on time

Characteristics of a “B” Student

·      Does more than what is required (practices language outside the classroom occasionally)

·         Carefully follows all directions 

·         Is usually enthusiastic and interested in the class and class materials

·         Always does homework

Characteristics of a “C” Student

·      Class requirements are met (rarely practices language outside classroom)

·         Asks for help and is willing to make corrections

·         Usually does homework

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Writing, Audio, and Video Workbook Information Sp. I

Although not a requirement for class, I strongly recommend and encourage students to purchase the Realidades Writing, Audio, & Video Workbook. This workbook will be used almost daily in my class. It is used for listening comprehension as well as writing activities. Students who can write in their own workbook find it a convenience and a great aid to learning and studying. I've found that students who do not have a WAV, many times don't do the activity (they find it bothersome to copy the information from the projector screen or class workbook). The workbook can be purchased from (ISBN #0-13-116463-5 for Level 1 (Spanish I).  This is a combo Practice Workbook/Writing, Audio, and Visual workbook. I assign the Practice Workbook pages as worksheets on School Loop. Again, this is not a requirement for the class. It is only a recommendation.